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Best White Hat SEO learning in Bangladesh

January 20, 2017
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Welcome to this blog. Here I am sharing my experience of seo with others people who wants to know about seo & to be a seo expert. Many people of our country and others as well who want to be internet marketer as a seo expert but they could not be the success. What are the reasons behind it? I think the lack of Best White Hat SEO learning & proper guideline are the main reasons for it. So if you want to be a seo expert you have to learn more & more. In below I am trying to discuss on seo. So that people can know how to do seo correctly. Let’s start.

At first we have to know what is seo?a

Search engine optimization (seo) is the process that way a website get rank in the search engine first result in page. Seo tips & process that are trustworthy aim to improve both internal & external terms that effective for a site ranking. It’s not a shortcut way to make a website search engine friendly get ranked. To be a seo expert it is imperative you understand how search engine work? And you have to optimize a web site following search engine rules.

Why does a website need seo?

The majority of web traffic is visited by the search engine like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. by social media like-Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other types of traffic can generate visits to your website. But search engines are the initial method of navigation for most internet users. Search engine are effective here, it provides your targeted traffic, people looking for what you offer. All of these opportunities are not possible if your website not placed in the first search result page of search is possible with search engine optimization that’s why straightly I say for ranking in the search engine first result from page a site needs SEO. So that visitors can visit this site easily through the search engine. If you have a web site or you want to create a site like a blog site, e-commerce site, educational site or amazon site you must have to optimize your website to reach your goal. When a site is placed on the first result page by the legal way it makes the site authority more profitable. But for making the profit you have to do seo properly. For this best white hat SEO learning in Bangladesh is the most important.
In the mean time you have already known seo basic like what is seo? & why needs seo? Now I want to discuss something elaborately about seo.
Generally, Seo are classified by 2 section. 1. Paid seo 2.Organic or nonpaid seo.
Paid seo means you pay money to search engine authority for rank your site on the first page and Google gives rank your site on the first page. However, we mainly discus here about organic seo. For ranking a site you can use three methods like, 1.white hat 2.Black hat 3. Gray hat. Black hat means you optimize your site totally wrong way that search engine not prefers & gray hat means you mixed something right & something wrong so that your site get rank. These 2 ways you may be getting your website ranked instantly or without hard work but when a site ranked by these 2 ways it cannot hold for a long time. Even when Google see/understand this duplicity certainly Google penalize this site. Because black hat Seo & gray hat SEO is not preferred by Google. Google prefer white hat SEO. If a site gets rank with white hat seo it will hold rank for a long time. Because it maintains Google rules. If you follow white hat SEO rules may be your site take the time to rank on the first page. It totally depends on your site, niche & keyword research. If your keyword is highly competitive it takes the time to rank on the first page. But if your keyword is low competitive then your site takes very few month to rank on Google first page. Remember seo is not a small industry like others. When you know everything every terms of seo then you can claim to yourself as a seo expert. The problem is here, many people of the world, as well as Bangladesh, are without knowing everything the start doing seo. As a result they couldn’t be the success.
Our Bangladeshi people couldn’t be the success because the teaching system of our country is not up to date. We have to update our teaching system beside this we have to improve seo learning system of Bangladesh so that people can be the success in this field. There are many training center existing in our country whose are the claim to themselves teach seo correctly but I have doubt because of increasing failure in this field. Actually, most of the training center are established for making money not purpose of teaching seo. Its subject to be hopeful that day by day best white hat seo learning in Bangladesh is increasing. I said ago I really help them people whose are interested in this field. i will make tutorial step by step so that people can understand easily how to do seo. I will decorate tutorial …
• Firstly start with keyword research.
• 2ndly on page optimization.
• 3rdly off page optimization.
• And finally I will say how to work on the marketplace as seo expert.
If you read all tutorial step by step how I have decorated, hopefully you will be benefited. It is important to read for knowing exact search engine optimization.

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