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Best On page Optimization Technique

January 24, 2017
ON- page optimization

On-page optimization is one of the most important and foundational parts of overall search engine optimization. The search engine gives more value on-page then another part of seo . Day by day it becomes the mother of seo. So you have to applied best on page optimization technique for ranking your website. It helps to decorate the inside of a website’s or blog sites so that visitors feel comfortable after the visit this site.
There is some important part in the on-page optimization that must be done for ranking. Like,
• Permalink / URL optimization
• Title optimization
• Meta description optimization
• Content optimization
-Anchor text
• Image optimization


Generally URL Is 2 types. First one is Maine URL that means your domain name. Which is show all the post for given period of time & the 2nd & last one is post or content URL. Which is the show for a unique post of your site.,For example [ www.mdnizamuddiny.com] it is main URL example. [www.mdnizamuddiny.com/onpage-optimization] it is an example of a post URL/ permalink.
For ranking a webpage we must have to optimize our post permalink. The structure of post permalink will be like my 2nd example (your domain name /your post name) that I have given in the meantime. For making search engine friendly your permalink should be short and your main keyword should be used in the permalink. Then it would be search engine friendly & helps for ranking.

Title Optimization

The title is one of the most important part of a content, if we make it meaningful & eye catchy it is our first and most valuable success. Because it is effective to bring a visitor to our website. For making search engine friendly a title might be relevant to our content or post. So that visitors find their query. The main keyword should be used in the title. If it be possible, we should keep the main keyword at the first position of the title. But it’s not an essential rather meaningful title is essential, so we have to make a title meaningful. It should be limited in the 60 to 70 characters. So that search engine result page shows the full title. It is most important to drive a visitor to our website. In the title, we should not use any symbol without (|) fife. Google takes it positively. If we make a title accordance with these rule it helps to get rank in the search engine.

Meta Description

A Meta description is the part where we say shortly about the post. So that visitors can understand what about this post. Meta description only show on the search engine result page (SERP) under the title. For making search engine friendly we should use the main keyword in Meta description. Now search engine doesn’t give this part more value. But it is needed for ranking. The Meta description should be limited in 200 hundred character. That’s it.

Content Optimization

For applying on page optimization technique, content writing is an effective place. If you apply this technique in writing content according to search engine rules it will be very effective for ranking. Likewise, if you write content randomly without following any rules it’s very bad impact on your website. Google doesn’t index your site page easily. So if you deserve ranking in the Google or others search engine 1st result page you must have to follow these rules, like-
• first of all, you should keep an introduction part of your article.
• you have to use your main keyword in the introduction part.
• In writing content, passive voice should be avoided.
• , your content should be easy for a reader so that they can understand.
•you should avoid keyword stuffing.
• you have to follow keyword density rule (2% or 3%).
• , your content should be minimum 1ooo words.
• Finally, you have to keep conclusion part & should be using main keyword in this part. That’s all.
If you follow this rules in writing content your will be optimized & Google gives you rank. If you don’t follow these rules you can’t get rank. Because it is an important term for ranking. So you have to be careful when you will start writing a content
Anchor text is important for ranking. It means, you setup a hyperlink behind the text for referring any others page. Maybe you refers your another page too by this text It’s called internal linking, or maybe you refers any others website it’s called external linking. Remember, In this case, the best practice is referring won other weak pages by the anchor text I mean internal linking is best practice.Its on of the best on page optimization technique.

Image Optimization

This is another important part of on page optimization. The image called the queen of a website. You can also apply the best technique of on-page optimization in this part. Image optimization is very simple if you know the process. Anyway, the first thing of image optimization is your image must be unique. You have to setup title text & alter text through the property setting. Make your image eye catchy. So that people stay some extra time on your website. That’s all,
Anyway, I just tried to convince the reader. How to apply the best on page technique so that search engine give rank in the 1st result page. if you read this article attentively and apply this practice properly there is no doubt your site will get rank.

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