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January 22, 2017
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starting search engine optimization. if you do effective keyword research and chose proper keyword you will get more search engine would help your website or blog site rank faster. If you are interested to know about keyword research then this post is just for you. This post has written for the beginner like you to clear the most fundamental concept of keyword research.

Why need keyword research?

90% online user make use of search engines to look for information. They find their deserved result by typing a keyword. That’s why keyword research is most important so that people get their query that they want.

How to start keyword Keyword research is the first & most important part of the search engine is a first step for research?

At first task of starting keyword research is simply brainstorming. Ask yourself some question for search engine optimization, like:-

  • What is your content about?
    • What do you think others searchers would ask for?
    • What would you ask a search engine to find what your site offers?
    • What is the most popular pages about?

If the answer to all of these questions is a clear ‘’yes’’ then proceed…

Now you have to find out which websites are already rank for your targeted keyword. It gives you valuable insight into the competition and also help you to understand how hard it will be to rank for the keyword. It helps to make a meaningful title by this keyword. Anyway, now its not your headache. Now your target is effective keyword research. So the next step is write down a list of keyword in a note .for this at first your task is brainstorming, when your finding will stopped by brainstorming. Then if the list of keyword isn’t enough for choice. You can use Google keyword planner tools or semrush. It gives you a long list of keyword you can chose your appreciated keywords.

Since your keyword choices impact who can find your website. Optimize your site’s pages for the phrase, not just masses of window shoppers, might use to find what the need.

Now using the data you have collected, determine the exact value of key words. It depends on your target. If you want to research manually you can it. Or if you want to use keyword paid tools also you can do it. But for the beginners manually keyword research is better. Because its build the fundamental of keyword research.

After research keyword you should pick up the keywords, whose keywords demand are high but competition is low its best practice. But if you don’t get this type of keyword 2nd option is available. You should chose low demand & low competitive keywords. We know that finding high demand & low competitive keywords is so difficult that’s why we should follow the 2nd option. So that our page get rank for this keyword.

Oh sorry unfortunately I skipped the important part, how to understand which keyword is low competitive or which keyword is high competitive. You can understand it by two ways.  The first one is manually and 2nd one is by using keyword research tool.  When you see your keyword monthly search value is 1000 plus undoubtedly it is the high demand search value beside this when you see some high authority is ranking for this keywords it means it also a high competitive keywords. But when your keyword’s monthly search value is below 2 hundred it is a low demand keyword, if you see some social sites are ranking for your keyword. It is a big advantage for you. Undoubtedly it is a low competitive keywords. You should work with this keywords. And hope you will reach your goal.

Here I have tried to understand how to do effective keyword research. Step by step I have discussed. If anyone follow this strategy in the time of keyword research. I am sure he will be reach his goal . it is one of the most important part of seo on-page optimization. If you done this initial task effectively your next steps will be easy  for ranking in the search engine first result page.

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