About Md Nizam Uddin

This is Md Nizam Uddiny. I am a internet marketer. I have a wide range of experience on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. More Learning & practicing takes me here from zero level. I have been working in this filed since 1 years.

Like, most of the boys in Dhaka, I came


in Dhaka from village somewhere in Bangladesh. The name of my village Bolora, Which is located at Ramgonj police station of Lakshmipur district. After coming Dhaka, I knew about search engine optimization & as soon as possible I started learning on this subject. I was a student of BITM ( Basis institute of technology & management). It is best IT institution of Bangladesh which managed by our government. I am so proud to be a student of BITM.
Because it makes me more expert on SEO. Beside this I am student of Bangladesh National University. .There is nothing to tell you guys, my achievement very tiny to tell you right now. I hope day by day my achievement will be increased insahallah.
My expertise is below
1. Keyword research
2. On page optimization (content writing also)
3. Off page optimization (link building also)
Beside this I am quite familiar with SMM (Social Media Marketing) & SEM ( search engine marketing).
I made this blog site to share my knowledge of SEO, SMM & SEM with others people who are still struggling to get a life on internet marketing area. I know we have a large population in our country. Whose are educated but unemployed & now they are trying to be an internet marketer. I just tried to help them by this blog site. This blog was written in easy language so that the people of Bangladesh understand easily.
I want to be Disciplining & honest man; this is the way to success in life. I am best trying to maintain it. Believe it or not but it is really true. Honesty is the best policy to success in life.

If anybody wants to contact with me , they can follow me in Google+, Facebook & twitter.